Harvey Nichols

Issue 47 Feb / Mar 2009 : Retail : Store

Lighting Design: PAUL GUNAWAN


Martin dynamic lighting highlights unique Parang facade’s possibilities.

UK-based luxury lifestyle store Harvey Nichols recently opened an outlet in Jakarta, the first Harvey Nichols in Southeast Asia. Two separate facades of the upmarket department store, which opened in October 2008 in the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, feature dynamic exterior lighting schemes powered by 144 Martin Professional Cyclo 04 DMX colour changers.

The two facades measure approximately 20m wide x 30m high and 20m wide x 9m high. The feature facade is made of an aluminum composite panel cut in “parang” form, double layered with wire mesh and a translucent canvas. The parang motif, a traditional Indonesian batik pattern based on sea wave movement, is showcased on the exterior front facade.

Lighting designer for the Harvey Nichols project is Paul Gunawan, Principal Designer at PT LITAC Konsultan of Jakarta whose initial lighting brief from client PT Hamparan Nusantara called for the feature facade to be backlit primarily in a warm white color while also having the ability to be programmed in specific colors according to season or special event.
“A series of mock ups with LED lighting fixtures was conducted but the result was unsatisfactory in terms of brightness,” Gunawan comments. “We then shifted to multi-colour fluorescent fixtures in order to produce sufficient brightness.”

Gunawan chose Martin’s IP65-rated Cyclo 04 DMX fixture, a fluorescent wallwasher with RGB+W colour mixing that generates both white and coloured light. The dimmable 28W T5 fluorescent lamps (red, green, blue and a 4000 K white) allow for controllable RGB additive colour mixing as well as colour temperature control.

“The initial brief called for the colour to be mainly a warm white with occasional colour change,” Gunawan states. “But during testing we found that the Martin Cyclo was not only able to produce a nice warm colour but also very rich and pleasant colours, smooth colour transitions and a smooth colour pattern.

“The Cyclo’s white fluorescent tube helps to obtain a nice warm white light and also contributes to producing a very nice, rich, saturated, pleasant and more real colour of light. Compared to LED fixtures, using 4-colour fluorescent is brighter and richer in colour, with less energy consumption and a lower installation cost.”

The majority of the Cyclo fixtures are located low on the feature facade support to backlight the translucent cover from behind with the remaining fixtures used to light a smaller parang facade.

Gunawan acknowledges design consultancy firm Callison, Inc. of New York for their work on the project. “Doug Shaw and Andy Thaemert from Callison, Inc. took the Indonesian parang batik form and fused it with the well-known Harvey Nichols brand and effectively showcased it as a facade feature.”

Michael Tjahaja and Suwiyanto Singgih of PT Daya Indria Permai, project managers on the Harvey Nichols Jakarta store, were also instrumental in the success of the project, says Gunawan. “They reviewed the fixture selection, budget and energy consumption. They also prepared the mock-up and testing and supervised the installation.”

The lighting installation is controlled via a PC-based Martin LightJockey controller with programming completed by Jeffrey Ong, Product Manager at Martin Professional Pte Ltd. The Cyclo’s were supplied locally by Ronald Sulistyo of Spectrum in Jakarta, Martin Professional’s newly appointed architectural dealer in Indonesia.

The parang batik, traditionally displayed in white, beige and brown, has been transformed by the Martin Cyclo fixtures in a modern look, color and pattern. The client likes the result so much that they eventually decided to use the color change and smooth color transitions as the parang facade’s main visual look.