Harvey Nichols on PLD Magazine

A cool fashion show Harvey Nichols, Jakarta/ID

The Harvey Nichols store in Jakarta, Indonesia has received a new look. This season it is sporting traditional Patang patterned cladding that glows in vivid colours and was de-sogned by the team from Callison in New York City, with the lighting concept developed by Paul Gunawan fron the design practice LITAC. The installation comprises a 65 x 98 feet large alumunium facade. The brief entailed using warm white light while providing a colour change option for use on special occasions. Gunawan first tested concept with LEDs, but these did not give him the required brightness. Instead he opted for 144 colour changing flourescent lamps. Colour temperature and luminous colour can be computer controlled. To support the lighting effects a canvas sail and metal mesh were installed additionally to the alumunium facade. The clients at Harvey Nichols were so pleased with the result that they have decided to adopt the installation permanently.

Project team:

Design: Callison (New York/USA)

Lighting Design: Paul Gunawan. LITAC (Jakarta/Indonesia)

Photos: Martin Professional


Product applied:

Cyclo luminaires with dimmable, colour-changing 28 watt T5 flourescent lamps, (RGB, 4000 Kelvin), Martin Profesional

Control: DMX

Photos: Andika Pradana