Soehanna Hall

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Soehanna hall is an embodiment of unique and elegant design meet hi-tech acoustic surrounding which located strategically in cne of the most renowned buildings in the heart of Jakarta, The Energy,

The hall boasts an exceilent audio system to provide the best indoor audio experience. Featuring floor-to ceiling wooden paneis made in such high quality to create that unperturbed condition when enjoying performances, A perfect venue to hold exclusive events that could accommodate up to 600 pax (standing) or up to 325 pax for round table arrangement and also offers the option of amphitheatre style seating arrangemeirt for up to 375 pax.


Soehanna Hall accoustical treatments were designed to provide an optimal condition for musical performances, especially jazz and classical orchestra, This excellence is attained by the tuning of acoustical parameters such as reverberation time and clarity l0 a suitable value for melodious distinction. ln addition to enhancing the acoustic-refined interior, Soehanna Hall also obtain a good speech intelligibility parameter to provide seminar and lecturing functions.

Soehanna Hall is the first class venue for every type of event yot”t have in mind,

Design Concept

The interior design starts with a straight line in a two dimensional composition that evolved. It started out with a stralght line in a two dimensional design that evolved into a three dimensional design that was applied in detail throughout the whole space. lt’s the epitome of a
simple combination between geometric elements and meticulous designs.

The entrance doors are leather bound with diagonal patterns and it opens to a transitional area, Entering the hall, you will see curved lines on the acoustic panels surrounding the hall and it expands to the ceiling, The carpeted floor still holds the same patterns as the foyer to create a
space continuum