Senayan City

Lighting Design: PAUL GUNAWAN

Jakarta’s most recent external LED installation has become symbolic of the urban complex it enhances.

The aspiringly named Senayan City is in fact a mixed-use complex located in Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. Comprising a seven-floor
shopping mall, multi-purpose complex office building, an apartment and a five-star boutique hotel, it covers a total area of 48,000 square metres. It is owned by Bung Karno Stadium Authority and built and managed by Manggala Gelora Perkasa, a subsidiary of Agung Podomoro Group.
The shopping mall, opened in June 2006, is anchored by Debenhams Department store and Best Denki electronic store, the largest outlet outside Japan. The hotel, operated by Sofitel, will open in 2007. Private television station SCTV, will occupy most of the office space. Total investment is reported to be 1.5 trillion IR.
The crowning illuminationfeature was designed by Paul Gunawan, one of Indonesia’s leading lighting designers, the contractor and LED programming was by PT Spectrum who completed the install in less than two weeks. Just one week for installation and one week for programming.
Paul Gunawan’s LITAC became involved in the project in mid 2004 during the early construction period. They were immediately interested when they saw the elegant architecture created by DP Architect Singapore.
Working together with LED programmer / installer Ronald of PT Spectrum, they presented various ideas on colour movement settings. Initially the client had reservations about bringing such use of llumination to a prestigious upmarket project but, after seeing a range of visual concepts, they we able to realise the selective use of LED as, according to Paul Gunawan, “a powerful tool that enables almost limitless design” further commenting that “it was pleasantly surprising to us that the clients had even agreed on settings that were more playful than originally intended”.
The project was fulfilled through effective communication and feedback with everyone involved, the client, the architect, the landscape architects – Belt Collins International, the building operator and ultimately, the visitor.
The most obviously eye catching facet is the main bubble lift tower well worth the challenge in getting approval on the creator’s idea to use special translucent plastic material imported from France for the lift core.
Despite Jakarta’s high temperatures and humidity, this has presented no difficulties to the ninstallation, however pollution haze and heavy rainfall focused care and attention to exposed LEDs. All these issues have been manageable.
Paul Gunawan’s commented: “It is always interesting and challenging as well to work with LED’s. The possibilities are open to the designers to create something really special on each project. However, as painters use their paints to draw, lighting designers would also have to be creative to get the appropriate effect which is outstanding without being “too much”…
Public reaction has been nextremely positive. The project has set new standards in upmarket malls and commercial complexesas competitors rush to emulate and the installation has become a memorable symbol of Senayan City.