Hotel Panghegar

As part of Bandung City heritage building, Grand Panghegar new look will have the consequences of large public opinion and as one of the city Trademark and pride. Although this building does not carries a distinctive style in architecture, it does carries a period in architecture which belongs to the modern architecture influenced by international style. The new look of Grand Panghegar re-instate this historical value and further adds to the detail form from an art deco period in parts of the building.

Surrounded by three roads, Grand Panghegar has a large exposure area around it’s podium level, while the towers will stands out from all direction, even as far as from the hills north of the city.Careful examination of the light intensity must be maintain to be able to balance between the above while maintaining the commercial aspect, occupant comfort and bringing forward as a new icon in the city. It has also to adopt and pioneering in implementing green concept for hospitality development as much as possible. Lighting would play a significant role in achieving all the above.

Design Keypoints:
Combination of White and Warm White light wrapped the building as a statement of luxury and grandness. Vertical statement at the front of the condo tower with glowing crown acting as the city nightscape vocal point. Decorative carved relief column highlighted by concealed uplighter to dramatize the podium façade and reveal the details. Columns combined with a rhythm of window frame throughout the podium façade, presents the building in an outstanding and beautiful frontage. Soft drop off lighting wash the front entrance creating warm and welcoming ambience of the building.Landscape Lighting surrounding the building adds creates warmth at the human scale.

PT. Panghegar Kana Properti
Megatika International
Interior Design
Mechanical & Electrical
Meltech Consultant
Landscape Architect
Total Landscape Persada
Bandung, West Java