Niaga Tower

Façade Lighting Concept

Basic Design Approach :
3 types of night scenes, distant view (Crown), middle distant (Body and Crown) and close view (Base/Podium and Body).

Design Characteristics :
Streamlined lighting design with the stunning architecture for an elegant modern appearance. Warm white light grazing on the façade and sparkling metal fins, reveal the three dimensionality; topped with distinctive crown highlights of line light, wall washer light and roof underside highlight, acting as the city nightscape vocal point

Design Keypoints:
Soft (efficient) wash white light for vertical expression from distance on solid part (3 sides). LED accent highlights to reveal intricate façade fin detail.
Strong character statement of verticality, detailed façade metal lines supported on a impressive podium base. Landscape Lighting surrounding the building add to the grand atmosphere.

Design Principal:
Energy saving, Sustainable, Ease of Maintenance, High quality Color Rendering, No glare, Cost effective.

Client : PT. Graha Niaga Tata Utama
Architect : Kohn Pederson Fox
Interior Design :
Photographer : LITAC
Completion Date : 2008
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia